Tamleek Real Estate Co

Tamleek Real Estate Co

Tamleek Real Estate Co is a global developer with current projects spanning across 7 countries and growing.

In addition, to be a leader in the development of residential, hospitality and commercial projects, Tamleek Real Estate REIT is now valued at approx.£2 Billion pounds.

Tamleek Real Estate Co has won numerous awards in the real estate sector includes being the top real estate advisory in the middle east for 2 consecutive years by Forbes and other well-known publications.

At Tamleek Real Estate Co, we aim and strive to have the best developments and have partnered with Individuals and entities that are the best in their respective fields.

Tamleek Real Estate Co-founder and CEO Dr. Brian Etemad’s reputation & leadership are the reason why Tamleek has in a span of 3 years reached the pinnacle of the real estate sector on a global basis. The aim of the company is to expand the future in other countries and to hopefully file for an IPO in 2020.