Sahiqa Bennett

Sahiqa Bennett

Sahiqa Bennett
CEO of Searchie


People are critical to the success of any business, thanks to Searchie – culture and talent can now be digitally transformed to create a more data led process. Searchie is a tech platform using AI to accelerate and assess talent in one place. By conducting unbiased live video interviewing with an avatar and producing instant psychometrics. Bad hires can cost companies thousands of dollars and leave long lasting negative damage on company culture. Talent continues to take a long time and can be costly on many levels.

Searchie has also launched another product called “culture pulse” which can now assess every employee throughout the company in confidence to ensure they can give feedback without disclosing their identity.

Searchie is creating borderless hiring through AI, which gives people a chance to go through a more unbiased hiring process.

Searchie has won many awards including Arabnet 2019 for best startup in MENA, Best Futuristic Technology Solution. We were also selected by The World Economic Forum as one of the Top 10 Companies shaping the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” and “Changing The Arab World”.

This method of hiring creates diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Sahiqa is passionate about humanity, getting more women into tech and has strong links the UN and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Through Searchie she is able to help solve some of these through business. Searchie is aligned with Goals 5 & 8 (Gender equality and creating economic growth through employment opportunities).

She is also a Senior Advisor to Lead Ventures & the Office of His Highness Sheikh Sultan bin Abdullah Al Qasimi. She is on the Board of Advisors and leads their technology and innovation strategy. She specializes in building international relations.

Sahiqa was selected to represent the Arab Region as 1 of 40 CEOs globally to feature in a docuseries called “The Social Movement”. This is a business reality show which will be aired on Amazon Prime in 2020.