H.E. Khalifa Ahmed Al Ali

H.E. Khalifa Ahmed Al Ali

Managing Director,  Food Security Center-Abu Dhabi,  United Arab Emirates


His Excellency Khalifa Al Ali is a proven expert in the field of agriculture and resource management, sustainable investment and strategy development, with more than 15 years in executive managerial positions in the food security, food safety policies’ implementation, the creation of strategic partnerships, strategic planning, and in leading successful organizational transformations.

His Excellency possesses an extensive international experience in the creation and safeguarding of sustainable supply chains of the agricultural, livestock and fishery industries through the introduction and installation of innovative programs, partnerships and technologies which all aim at empowering these vital industries in the United Arab Emirates and in the region.

In his capacity as the Executive Director of the Strategic and Performance Sector, as well as, the Acting Executive Director of the Development Sector at the Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority, he is responsible for the development and execution of monitoring frameworks with governmental outcomes concerning food safety, securing sustainable food supply and sustainable development.

His Excellency was a key member of two critical committees that dealt with matters concerning Food Security and Strategic Reserves. Being a strong believer in the importance of achieving and sustaining food security and maintaining strategic reserves for the continuous welfare of the citizens and residents of the United Arab Emirates, he orchestrated the transformation of those two committees into the Food Security Center-Abu Dhabi.

In his role as the Managing Director of the Food Security Center-Abu Dhabi, His Excellency Khalifa Al Ali oversees the implementation of the Food Security Strategy, and is successfully leading the expansion of the long-term international partnerships, equitable trade and sustainable development and investments in the fields of agriculture, livestock and fisheries, aiming at providing nutritional food production, improved resources management and a sustainable food supply chain in the United Arab Emirates in particular, and the globe as a whole. His Excellency is strongly driven by the development of global cooperation’s models in the fields of sustainable and innovative food production and supply, by involving the governments as well as the commercial farms, food processors, manufacturers, and investors, in responsible forms of partnerships.

Yet another unique achievement of His Excellency’s, after resumption of his duties as a Managing Director of the Food Security Center-Abu Dhabi, was to orchestrate the whole effort of introducing the concept of Public-Private Partnerships in yet a unique form of a non-equity strategic alliance, addressed as “The Abu Dhabi Food Security Alliance”, which comprises of some of the notch performers in the field of food security, from both government and private sectors. The Alliance is currently a driving force tool, harmonizing the work of its strategic partners to venture into new global markets and explore every opportunity possible to enhance and sustain the food security and the food supply chain in the United Arab Emirates.