UAE & India Advance Strategic Relations

India and UAE have fortified their bilateral trade relations, which have been advanced by the frequent visits by leaders from both countries, in a short span of 3 years to discuss the future of trade and investments.

It is evident that both countries are acquiring a strong foothold in terms of contributing to the global economy and establishing their authority. Bilateral trade between UAE and India amounted to about USD 53 billion in 2016-17, according to a report prepared by Export Genius. Both the countries have decided to increase trade by 60% over the next five years. India is considered to be the UAE’s primary trade partner, accounting for about 9.8% of its total non-oil trade. It is also the largest importer of products from the UAE, buying about 14.9% of the country’s total exports and about 8.7% of its re-exports. Economists are expecting that the trade between India and the UAE is likely to hit USD 100 billion by 2020.

The UAE-India Economic Forum represents a new dawn in the multifaceted economic relationship between the amicable countries. The vision of US$ 100 billion in bilateral trade by 2020 can only be achieved with sustained efforts to constantly engage the key stakeholders, government authorities and investors in a dialogue which strengthens their faith in the establishment and the governments of the two countries—something that the forum has been successfully doing for the past three years.


UIEF is the definitive platform to discuss and evaluate India’s economic story.

100% top decision makers in attendance:

The two-day event has brought together over 350 delegates from India, UAE and other key markets. The delegate profile includes ministers of economy, industry and finance; heads of investment in SWF; top banks and financial institutions; CXOs of top companies and family-owned businesses. Engage and influence the people who matter the most when it comes to making the real decisions.

Speak to a select audience:

Extensive delegate research ensures an opportunity to meet relevant stakeholders. Network with industry and government leaders as they lay out the economic and trade goals of both countries.

Explore investment and business opportunities:

The event represents an exclusive opportunity to network and explore new possibilities and greater opportunities.


the policy frameworks and guidelines executed by both governments as they work hard to attract investors.


your leadership and expertise to the who’s who from UAE and India through speaking, exhibiting and sponsorship opportunities.

    2018 Edition Includes

The Qadat Al Tagheer Awards 2018:

Honouring government leaders and businessmen who made a mark for themselves and contributed to the growing economies of both countries

Government panel on bilateral trade:

Key ministry officials from India and UAE come together to discuss and deliberate the steps needed to foster relations

Start-up zone:

A special session focused on startups, which includes all the key stakeholders such as government leaders, investors and startups making a wave

VIP meeting booths:

Met someone you would like to have a discussion with in private? Specially designed booths for one-on-one networking and business discussion sessions

Investors pavilion:

Showcasing the investment opportunities that various industries and sectors in both countries have to offer

State pavilion:

Opportunity to showcase the investment opportunities that are available in various regions of both the countries

  • 2018 Speakers